Saturday, March 25, 2006

Nini's Side of the Story

Judah is here!!! He arrived on March 10 at 5:11. What a long day it was, especially for Dawn. You can read the blow by blow of labor and delivery here I'm just going to write about some memories I'm taking away from watching my second daughter go through labor...

  • The quiet. Autumn even woke me and Mom up with a whisper
  • Getting dressed and gone in less than 10 minutes and trying to keep a very excited great-grandma quiet. Although now that I think back on it, Dawn was already in the car so we probably didn't have to whisper at that point
  • Sort of getting lost at the hospital...Matt took a certain turn, I was following then the next thing I knew he had turned around and was gone. We finally figured out where we had to go to park
  • Trying to get into the hospital :) We went to the main entrance but it was shut. We talked to someone over an intercom and eventually got was funny but you had to be there I guess.
  • Sort of getting lost in the emergency room on the way to get the exercise ball. "Is this the way we go? Um, no"
  • The rain, then the clouds lifting so we could see the snow way down on the mountains. This is especially precious to me because it made me think of Hope at home getting ready to sing at her first youth retreat. She sang a verse about God's storehouses of snow :) I cried at the glory of it .
  • Praying Dawn would get an one knows about this. She was in such pain and had been laboring for so long. God eventually answered my prayer with a yes :)
  • Matt dressing in his smurf suit :)
  • "Going somewhere in a hellbasket" :D
  • The decision for a c-section and not was a good decision.
  • Mom, Autumn and I adjusting our chairs so we could see down the hallway where we knew we would see Matt coming...he came a different way
  • Closing the door to the room so Dawn wouldn't hear other women screaming
  • Joy, Kim, Jen, Dawn's nurses they were all so good
  • Saying "hi, Judah" when I first saw him and having him start to cry...not sure Matt will ever let me live that one down ;)
  • Watching Matt with Judah, he is so.....natural and caring. He will be/is a great dad
  • Last but not least and maybe most precious to me was watching Autumn help Dawn as she labored. Autumn knew what Dawn wanted in her labor and she did all she could to help her achieve that. I'm not sure I can even put into words what I observed. There was a tenderness, a sweetness.....maybe a bonding between sisters. It is a memory I will treasure. (Autumn, I get tears when I think about how much you needed to be there and God's provision for you to be there. You were wonderful!!!! I'm extrordinarily proud of you. I consider it a gift from the Lord to have witnessed the sweetness between you and your little sister. God is so good!!)

Okay, you can see pictures of Judah on Dawn's blog. I'm posting one of my favorites, not of Judah. There are some of Matt that I like too but I don't have permission to post those :)