Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scatter 2011

I have so many thoughts running through my head. I want to get at least some of it out before I forget... as if I could.
~We have amazing youth! They are so eager to share the Gospel. It was most evident at the boys and girls club. Every time I would look around the room I would see at least one of our kids going over a tract or with an open Bible talking to one of the children. But they not only shared the gospel they played hard with the kids we were ministering too, regardless of the horrible heat. The way they played you would never know it was hot as the blazes and they did not complain. They would drink their water or their gatorade and get up and go again. They are amazing.
~In the backyard bible club I was a part of Jeffery Davidson was the teacher. He did a wonderful job. He explained things so well. I'm sure the children understand what falling short of the goal means :)
~It was a joy to get to know some youth I don't/didn't know. My day team and night teams were a lot of fun
~I learned I really am a mom, not a youth leader and that is okay. I think on mission trip they might need some moms :)
~I heard later that some of the kids (especially the older ones) weren't terribly appreciative of the constant reminders to drink water/gatorade and to get in the shade to cool off some. To them I say (not that they read my blog) "It is a mom thing. We really have your best interest at heart. I tried to only ask if you were looking especially sweaty or red in the face. I'm sorry if you felt nagged but I really was trying to look out for you"
~We have incredible cooks in our church. The care groups provided dinner for us each night. Each meal was so tasty. Thank you for your service to our team.
~For those who worked behind the scenes, some I'm aware of, some I am not, thank you for your hard work to prepare all that needed to be prepared: paper work, maps, lunches, shopping for supplies, everything.
~Please pray! Pray for the children who heard the gospel, that the seed planted would come to fruition. Pray for our team members who went on to do the Louisiana trip this week, for strength both physical and spiritual. Pray also that we won't lose the desire to share the gospel but that it will increase.
This seems short for all I feel but there comes a point where words don't come any more. I praise the Lord for allowing me to be a part of this trip. I trust He has been glorified.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

How the Casey Anthony Verdict Affected Me

It has been a long time since I blogged. Sorry to my 7 followers.

So the Casey Anthony trial, I didn't watch it, didn't really keep up with it, till the end. We were in Orlando the last week of the trial and since the trial was in Orlando it was all over the TV. I really didn't watch it but the little bit I saw I found interesting, in a very sad way. I did watch the verdict. When the Clerk of the Court read the verdict (they read a count then the verdict, second count verdict and so on) I was shocked at the not guilty charges. But the Lord had something else in store for me. After the Clerk of the Court reads the verdict, they then pole the jury to be sure each juror is given the opportunity to say yes that is what they said. THEN the Clerk of the Court hands the verdict to the JUDGE. He calls the defendant (Casey) to the bench with a couple of her lawyers. The JUDGE then reads each count, the juries verdict then he says (in the case of the not guilty verdicts) "THIS COURT FINDS YOU NOT GUILTY" I wept, I weep now, not because I don't really agree with the verdict but because I see that is how the Lord deals with me. I stand before the holy, blameless, righteous JUDGE and He says "This court finds you not guilty". I stand knowing I am guilty and yet He is saying I'm not... more than that He says it not because I'm not guilty but because I am but my penalty has been paid. I was overwhelmed with the scene. I pray that I will never forget that court scene and what the Lord taught me through that. As far as Casey Anthony is concerned, I'm not her judge, what I think about her is not important. I know that one day she will meet THE JUDGE. I pray that when that day comes He will say "this court finds you not guilty" because she has had her guilt removed by the blood of Christ. Who knew the lesson you could learn from watching the verdict of a trial read. I'm grateful.