Friday, May 29, 2009

For my followers, all three of you...


Someone recently mentioned the fact that I haven't blogged in a while. That is very true. Part of it is because I use Facebook alot and part was because I didn't feel like I had anything worth writing. I have thought about it and have decided that I will use my blog, somewhat, as a spiritual journal. Just writing out thoughts, questions and/or insights as I read my Bible. Will I blog everyday? Probably not. Will it always make sense? Surely not. We will see what happens. Oh, this doesn't mean I won't ever blog about other stuff.

To start, just some thoughts I've jotted down over the last month or so.
Just as God restored literal sight to the blind, He restores spiritual sight to the spiritually blind. I know, duh! But just as I was typing that I was reminded of the man who was blind and Jesus made mud out of dirt and spit. After Jesus applied the mud He asked the man what he could see. The man said something along the lines of he could see men walking around like trees. That makes me ponder...why couldn't he see clearly? We know it wasn't lack of power on Jesus' part. Was it lack of faith on the part of the blind man? I was going to write more but I will stop there. Do you, my readers, have any ideas? the freind who nudged (and maybe didn't realize she was nudging) thank you :)