Monday, March 26, 2007

March Madness Part 1

No I'm not talking about basketball :) I'm talking about the FitzRandolph's March Madness. It began March 3rd. Hope attended her first homeschool spring banquet. She looked so pretty in her bubble gum pink dress.
She had a great time. They had the students make 5 minute "movies" and had a film festival. She and a couple of friends did a newscast. It sounds like they had fun making it. They didn't win but Hope said the group that did win deserved it.

Early on March 4th found us boarding a plane for a flight to California. Judah turned 1. My sweet husband blessed me, at Christmas, with a trip to California to celebrate with the birthday boy. Here is a pic of Hope as she waited for us to get our rental car in San Jose...does she look like she is used to traveling or what?
We had a good time visiting Dawn and Matt. Poor Richard had to work on a lecture almost constantly while we were there but he did take some time for fun. One glorious day we went on the "Seventeen Mile Drive". You pay $9 per car and drive around the Pebble Beach area. The houses are amazing but the shoreline is....well, it is God made therefore it is just incredible. Let me share the view with you!
This is a picture of a place where the waves go in three different directions. I think it was call "The Restless Sea". This picture is of a place called "Huckleberry Hill". Alot of the bushes were covered with small purple flowers, I assume they ripen into huckleberries. This picture is of the first beach we stopped at. I love the water, the sound and smell of the ocean. I could have stayed there all day except..... it was stinkin' cold and windy!!! As we traveled around "the drive" we came to "Bird Rock". There are birds all over that rock. The are quite big birds too. We also were visited by some little squirrels. They were fearless. Obviously they are quite used to people and being fed by them. Click on this pic of Dawn and can see Dawn's smile. I think she liked that the squirrel came to visit them. We continued on our drive and came to the Pebble Beach Golf Club icon. It is this tree. I didn't know they had an icon until Dawn told me. We also saw some wild life, other than birds and squirrels...Sea otters and Seals
Here are a few other pictures that I don't think need explanation. Coming soon parts 2,3,4...not sure how has been a mad, crazy month :)