Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Tribute...

to my 19 year old nephew, Cory. He died this morning apparently from complications from pneumonia. Cory live at the Conway Human Developement Center in Conway. I just thought I would make a list of things I remember about him.

Snakes: He loved snakes, the rubber kind :) If you wanted him to look at a real one he wanted nothing to do with it because he was afraid of them. He got a box of snakes for Christmas, rubber ones :)

Handcuffs: He loved these too...not sure why.

He loved to help around the house...taking out the trash, clearing the table. He had a job in Conway, where he lived helping in restraunts clearing tables. He loved his job :) He helped Christmas day too, that was nice.

He loved his mom, Janet. He would follow her around the house like a puppy.

He loved his home, the Conway development center. It was structure for him so it was security. When he was here in Little Rock, he knew when he wanted to go home.

He enjoyed Dune, our dog, on Christmas day. Cory was sooo gentle with Dune, but you could tell he was like a little kid...he liked Dune so much he wanted to squeeze him...almost to death:)

His smile, Cory always had a smile ready. He also would come and pat people on the back in greeting.

Music: Cory loved to sing. When he would be visiting and would attend church he would join in the singing. He was also sensitive to music...Kenny G would make him cry

I'm sad Cory is gone. Cory was autistic and had other developmentle delays...he was about a 4 year old in a 19 year old body. I will miss him. I trust God that Cory is now perfect and worshipping our true and loving song :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Spiritual this and that

A couple of years ago Janet bought me a book called "The Valley of Vision". It is a book of prayers. I have sort of looked at it a few times but decided this year I was going to read a prayer a day. I want to share a couple of excerpts that have been meaningful to me.
Under the heading of "The Divine Will":
"If Thy mercy make me poor and vile, bless be thou!
Prayers arising from my needs are preparations for future mercies;
Help me to honor thee by believing before I feel, for great is the sin if I
make feeling a cause of faith."
There is another one, I was going to post but it is a whole prayer actually. I'm not sure if it is right(legal) to type the whole thing out in this venue. If you want to see it, let me know and I will e-mail it...that isn't so public and I think that would be okay.
I also would like to recommend another blog: It is the blog of Carolyn Mahaney and her girls. They are sometimes fun, sometimes practicle(spelling?) spiritually focused and down to earth (read, real). I'm enjoying that blog alot. They have some really good thoughts on fear.
These last several days have been exciting for me because God has given me a real desire to meet with Him each day and....I've been doing it. We serve such a wonderful, awesome God!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Christmas 2005 part 2

Ah, Christmas day :) It began actually Saturday evening. I made sure Richard, Hope and I showered Saturday so Matt, Dawn, Autumn and Andy could shower on Sunday morning. I was up early on Christmas to get ready for Jesus' Birthday Party (breakfast) This is a family tradition, that I actually had thought about stopping since it is sort of for little people but Dawn said it was one of her favorite traditions so we had it. I make 3 big pancakes, they represent God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We use red syrup (Jesus' blood) whipped cream (we are cleasned as white as "snow") a big candle (Jesus is the light of the world) then little candles for each person (we reflect Jesus' light) It was a little nerve-wracking letting the little ones light their candle then try to put them in the "cake". The only one burned was ME :)
After breakfast it was time for presents (oh I forgot, we let the kids open presents from non-parents on Christmas eve, to save time on Christmas morning) Another tradition is we start with the youngest person and they get to open their presents while everyone watches, then the next oldest and so on. That way there is not really any present opening frenzy and people who enjoy watching others open presents get to do that. I hope to it helps teach us all to be less greedy and self-centered.
Next was time for church. The grandchildren all had yucky noses and Aut and Andy didn't feel great. As we were leaving Hope said she didn't feel well either, so they all stayed home. Church was usual.
Now the real fun began, after church Richard was talking to some friends and found out they were without extended family for the holiday so he invited them to come eat with us. He is very thoughtful. I confess I wasn't thrilled at first...umm, did I make a comment earlier about learning to not be self-centered??? :) I got a lesson. (I must have hidden my frustration because he thanked me later for handling the situation so well. I say thank you LORD for putting the guard on my mouth) So we get home and Aut and Andy had straightened up the house (Thank you!!!!) I got to work on getting the tables set up (we had 28 for dinner), the sweet potatoe casserole started and checked the turkey. I need to mention I had debated whether to put the turkey in the oven before church or after since we were eating late. As you will find out, it was a good thing in went in before church. Mom and Dad came and Mom started helping in the kitchen...she is in charge of mashed potatoes, gravey, rolls. So we are working and about 2:30 I check the turkey again. It is beautiful and the little button thingy is popped up so it is ready :) I ask Mom if I should take it out or leave it in the oven to stay warm. As we debate that issue, there is an explosive sound outside and we loose power. Hence the good reason to have the turkey in the oven before church (God is SSSSOOOO in control, and I'm glad) I look at my mom and say "this is fun" That was a good response on my part because Christmas is pretty stressful for me. So we call people and tell them what happen and dinner may be delayed. I called the electric company and they say it will be between 4:20 and 5:20 before we have power restored. Richard says we should take what needs to be cooked to Mom's and finish cooking there then bring it back to our house. Which we do...20 after we are at Mom's Matt calls and says the power is back on :P Well, we stay and finish cooking everything, except the rolls, which we haul raw back to our house (this is the rolls third trip of the day :) ). We get home, get everything on the table and sit down. (When you have been cooking, there is nothing like sitting down). The meal was good, as usual, our family has really good cooks and we all help.
After dinner comes more presents, starting with the youngest. This is really chaotic. We still start with the youngest and go to the oldest. It seems the older we all get the harder it is to remember who was born when so who is next :) But we always seem to figure it out :) Soon after presents it it pie time, Dad's contribution to the day. He is the pie expert. Of course, none of us really have room but we eat it anyway and it is wonderful. Then of course everyone sits around like yard dogs. Well, the adults do, the kids play and rough house.
Soon, those who are not staying with us head home...rough housing kids make for sleepy kids :) It was a fun day, a spiritually growing day (for me), a stressful day, a noisy day but it wouldn't be Christmas any other way and I wouldn't want it any other way :)

Christmas 2005 Part 1

Well the house is very quiet now. Autumn and Andy and the grandchildren left the evening of New Years Day. Dawn and Matt left early the Monday after. My goodness it was a fun, busy two and a half weeks. Here are some memories

Dawn's baby shower: it is hard to believe just about 19 months ago we were having the bridal shower at the Shaver's home. It was a wonderful shower...good people, fun presents and great food.

Chuck E. Cheese with the grandchildren: Pizza, rides, games and tickets for prizes...need I say more. I told Erik that it will be a tradition to go to Chuck E. Cheese when they visit Nini :)

Sewing: This actually started at the beginning of December. I made Hope's Christmas dress...the top was to big so we shopped for a different top. It was fun to do with Autumn and Dawn, good to have thier opinions/help ;) Hope ended up wearing her Christmas dress on New Years day because she wasn't feeling well on Christmas day and stayed home with Aut/Andy and the kids. Then I made the grandchildren Christmas pjs. A gown for Hailey, that, may I say, looks beautiful on her and matching pants for Erik and Noah with green t-shirts. They all looked so cute. Christmas pjs are a family tradition :) Oh, and I got my Christmas present early... a new sewing machine :) Thanks, Hon!!

Christmas day....see Christmas 2005 part 2

Other little fun memories: playing shark with Hailey, being with the kids alone for a few minutes each morning, Erik coming out of the bedroom first thing in the morning, draped in his blanket (like a ghost) and me checking to see if the "blanket" would giggle then "finding" Erik in the blanket. Noah's giggle and big eyes, "yucky charms", "fute loops", "I get 1,2,3 m&ms" playing games, eating Aut's brownies (oh yum) listening to Andy play his guitar, cooking with Dawn, being teased and teasing Matt (I'm very gullible, aren't I Matt :) ) I could go on and on but real "normal" life has returned and I must wake "Sleeping Beauty". Will do part two later :)