Saturday, August 01, 2009

Blankets and My Sweet Granddaughter

The post is about a project I helped my friend Jennifer with. We made baby blankets for Craft Hope I was so happy to participate in this. One of the things that made this special for me was that the Lord led me to pray over each blanket for the child that will receive it. I pray that that child will understand, one day, the love of Christ and embrace the God of the Bible. Anyway, I was watching my grandchildren one of the days I was working on the blankets. Hailey was watching me and asked why I was making the blankets. I explained that there were babies in India whose mommy and daddy couldn't take care of them. Those babies were taken to a special place where there were people to care for them and give them these blankets. She then asked if she could help pin the blankets. I showed her how to pin. She then asked if she could pin one side of the next blanket. I then did a very unlike Kathie but very Nini thing....I let her :) The following picture is of her pinning job...and no I didn't re-do it before sewing. If you notice the pins start out (on the right) along the edge of the fabric but slowly progress away from the edge :) As we were finishing the pinning she said she was glad to be able to help the babies who had to go live at the "baby hotel" :: smile:: What sweetness!
If you go to the Craft Hope link you can see all the things made for the babies in the baby hotel.