Monday, March 08, 2010

Stars and Enemy Ants

Last night, as I took the dog out for a bathroom break, I looked to see if I could see the stars. I seems that has been rare lately. We have lot of light pollution here so I can't see many stars. That makes me sad but I started thinking about the stars and how I love them. Then I started thinking about God's grace and the stars. When there is a lot of light we don't see a lot of stars...when life is going "well" we (I) tend to not see God's grace, though I know I don't take a breath without it. Hope will be spending a good part of her summer at Broken Arrow...not much light pollution there. Oh the stars she will see because it is darker...well, less light. As life grows dark (hard trials) we see more grace. The heavens truly declare His glory...don't they?

Enemy ants, you ask? Yes, for some reason little tiny ants have decided they like the sink in the master bathroom. It is a bit gross, but I have taken to just smashing them with my finger and rinsing them down the drain. (our pest control guy is working on ridding us of them, but they are stubborn) So this morning, Richard and I were talking and I realized that we are like those ants. Those ants are the enemy, as far as I am concerned. We were/are God's enemy. I smash the enemy with my finger, which God could do to me and be perfectly justified in it. But instead He reaches down picks up this little ant and loves it, feeds it, cares for it and provides all it needs so it never has to die...this ant that is His enemy, He makes part of His family. Another way God uses His creation (in my life anyway) to declare His glory and grace. What an incredible God we serve!!