Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More thankfulness...I know I'm slow

I read this this morning and was convicted at my lack (again) of thankfulness. So, here I am to continue my list.

72 Trips to Maryland

73 New sewing machines

74 Snow boots and snowsuits

75 Snow that comes but doesn't make the roads dangerous

76 Squirrels and birds out the back door

77 Little boys who pull of their mittens with their teeth

78 Being called Nini and Momma

79 Conversations with like minded people, even though we don't know each other very well, we still are on the same page.

80 The God-Man Cantata

81 VHS to DVD transfers

82Safety for R when he fell down the stairs

83 That it wasn't a little one who fell (R knows how to fall)

84Red noses from the cold

85 A call from a daughter just to tell me she loves me :) (I love you too!)

86 A new pattern to make a dress

87 The fear/joy of stretching my abilities

88 Friends who are happy that I'm home

89 Spending time with my husband each morning before he leaves for work