Sunday, October 05, 2008

She is 15!!!!

I realize I'm a bit late for this post since Hope turned 15 about 2 weeks ago but I was waiting for her party to be over before I posted. I guess I could have done 2 posts and made alot of people faint but be happy that I had posted twice :) For Hope's birthday this year we gave her a purity ring. We talked about the importance of physical purity but emphisised that without spiritual/heart purity, physical purity was useless if it was even possible. We let her pick her ring but we didn't give it to her until her birthday...Richard presented it to her. Here is a picture of it. I think she did a good job picking it out.

We had her party the first weekend of October....September is sooo full we decided to wait. We had a mystery party. You can find out about them here It is a great website with alot of different parties. I think it was around $30 and so worth it. The girls seemed to have alot of fun and I had a blast watching them play the game. They all stayed in character pretty well. The name of this party was "Once Upon a Murder" Each girl was a character from a fairy tale or nursery rhyme. Jack (Jacqui for our party) was found drowned in a pail of water and the girls were to read their clues and ask each other questions to figure out who killed Jacqui. Here are a few pictures.

Top row from the left: Johanna Horner, Beau Glancer, Tatianna Wolfe; Second row: Robin Arachnid, Cindy Ellis, Jill Waters; Bottom row: Scarlet getting ready to blow out candles, Scarlet Hood, A bunch of fun girls :) I hope they all had a good time. One mom said we need to do something like this for the moms. I think it would be a blast! Happy Birthday, Sweet Hope!!!