Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Thousand Thank-yous pt 5

It has been a few days, hasn't it?! I had a migraine(sp?) for 3 days :P not fun so....
51)my headache is gone!!!
52)Dawn and the boys will be here in 25 days :)
53)I exercised today
54)We can afford to have the air conditioner fixed
55)The Lord is strong when I am weak
56)The Lord held the headache off until our Master's company had left
57)The four girls from Master's chorale who stayed with us...sweet girls
58)Hope is moving toward getting school finished for the summer
59)Decisions have been made about next years curriculum (sp? doesn't look right...still a little goofy from strong headache meds)
60)Sooo grateful for strong headache meds!!!
61)Richard decided to let Hope go with Aut to get Dawn and the boys :)
62)Autumn and Andy, who have been through some hard times, will celebrate 8 years as man and wife this weekend
63)Being able to minister and be ministered to by church family
64)Blogs with pics...gotta love 'em
65)Panera Bread is coming to Little RocK
66)Fresh Market...I just relax when I go in there
67)Getting to know neighbors
68)Autumn's encouragement to keep going on this
69)Free samples from the doctor
70)God's patience with me...I'm a slow learner

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Thousand Thank-yous pt 4

We went to Texarkana on Saturday for our niece's baptism. I was a bit sad because from her "testimony" it seems she only made a profession of faith so she can see her dad in heaven one day. I hope that isn't the only reason. Before we left I prayed and asked the Lord to hold off the bad weather till we were home :) He said sure so that is where I start my thanks today.
41)God said okay, to holding the weather off till we got home on Saturday
42)Cloudy but not rainy travel weather (no glare from the sun)
43)Wildflowers growing in the median and the fields
44)The song "Fairest Lord Jesus" on the cd while we are passing the above fields giving me a great picture of what Jesus is fairer than (make sense?)
45)I'm finished painting the dining room (pics coming soon)
46)I love the color of my dining room
47)That no one was hurt when the top of my china hutch fell
48)That the stuff that did break is easily replaceable
49)That a long time ago Mom reminded me that is it just things (thanks Mom, I remember that often. It has saved me alot of heartache and protected my mouth from sin)
50)For various sweet family members who gave me Mother's day gifts(will post some pics there too)

Friday, May 09, 2008

A Thousand Thank-yous pt 3

21)A husband that wants to help me overcome sinful habits
22)God's protection of at least (though I'm sure many more)one of His children in Myanmar
23)Friends who listen, understand and pray for us
24)Friends who have been where we are and are willing to help us through our time of difficulty
25)Getting to go to a Mother's day tea with my Mom, my daughter and my granddaughter
26)Hearing Judah help his mom sing "The Lord's Army" "yes, sir!!!!" :)
27)Getting the "kilz" part of the dining room finish (except for the little part where I discovered I was painting over VERY old wallpaper)
28)Music running through my mind
29)Living close to family
30)Hope Bible church in Columbia Maryland...They are Christ's hands and feet to Dawn and Matt
32)Hot showers
33)The girl at Home Depot last night...I can do it and she helped (custom paint color)
34)That I am a mom (children ARE a gift from the Lord)
35)My mom...one the greatest friends on earth
35)That two of my girls are moms (that means grandchildren...they are as great as everyone says)
36)For friends' blogs, they make me laugh, cry tears and cry out to God
37)For dandilions(sp?) They always make me think of Judah now :) (fower)
38)my new sliding glass doors
39)my husband's generosity, to me and others
40)50% off coupons

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Thousand Thank-yous pt 2

So I was thinking, if I do ten thank-yous each time I post it will take 100 posts (easy math) Here are more:

11)Easy math (math is not my best subject)
12)My grocery store is done remodeling
13)The e-mails my sweet husband sends me (it is a sacrifice on his part, he doesn't like doing e-mail)
14)veggie burgers and baby carrots
15)Daily grace to make right decisions
16)Being confronted with sin(yes it hurts and is hard, but I am grateful)
17)Technology that allows me to stay connected, even daily, with far away people
18)Living in a place where the seasons change, pretty much when they should
19)The Lord's protection during all the recent severe weather
20Weight Watchers online e-tools (more technology)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Thousand Thank-yous

A friend of mine is posting one thousand things for which she is thankful. I thought/think it is a good exercise in gratitude, something I struggle with. I take so much for granted. I don't know how long this will take or even if I will finish (1000 is alot, but I have alot to be thankful for, right?) So here we go.

1)Being the first one up in the morning
2)The birds singing the "Dawn Chorus"
3)My salvation (should that be first?)
4)My husband caulking the dining room so I can paint tomorrow
5)The overwhelming smell of honeysuckle when I open my front door :)
6)Our homeschooling community
7)My Bible (all the copies I own)
9)Videos of Judah belly laughing
10)The way Noah says "bird", and similar sounding words

More later :)