Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hanging out with my grandkids...

gives me good/funny things to post about. Andy and the kids came over for dinner tonight (Aut had met a friend from High School for dinner) We had chicken. Erik ate one and a half chicken breasts (shock) Later Erik, Hope and I were having a conversation about how much Erik had eaten at dinner...

Me: "Erik ate one and a half chicken breasts at dinner."

Erik: "Are those woman chicken b**bs?"

Sometimes it is really hard not to just crack up. I explained that it was different because they are chickens and not people. We had a good time. If you are interesting in the chicken it is Cranberry Chicken posted at Savary Sensations, link on the side under "links".

Saturday, April 07, 2007

March Madness part 2

Okay, to continue...After the Seventeen mile drive day we mostly relaxed, cooked together, enjoyed one anothers company and Dawn and I did some shopping :) Friday, Dawn made the cupcake cones and birthday boy cake. I have never made cupcake cones so I was curious how they worked. I imagined trying to stuff the edges of the cupcake papers under the lip of the cones, which in my mind would make a huge mess and wouldn't be worth it. But you don't do that you just set the cone on top of the cupcake paper filled with batter. Dawn was up very late making these. When she was finished she covered them with plastic wrap to protect them...we didn't think about it or know what would happen, but that wasn't the best idea:

The cones became quite soft and some of them bent over. It was quite funny. So we frosted them and then Dawn wrote the words on some of the cupcakes. You know the words "Happy 1st B-day" then the birthday boys name. Now Judah has been around for a year now and I know Dawn reads her Old Testement but this is what she wrote:
Again, it was quite funny. The "Y", in Juday, came off easily and she wrote an "H" in its place, but we (I) forgot to take a picture of the corrected
birthday "cake"! There was quite the spread for the party. We had little PBJ sandwiches, little pigs in a blanket (may I say, YUUUUMMMM),baby goldfish, pretzels(I think) cupcake cones, and punch. Oh, the punch is another story. We got the bright idea (I think it was Hope's) to get Sprite and put tropical punch Kool-aid in it. No one thought about the fact that if you put a packet of Kool-aid into a FULL bottle of Sprite that spewing type things may happen. Yes, the Sprite bubbled up and spewed. Sorry, no pictures of that one :) Matt had the brilliant idea of pouring half a bottle of Sprite into something else then adding the Kool-aid. He is sooo smart. The punch was good.

The party was at a park close to Dawn and Matt's apartment. It was a beautiful day(Thank you, Lord, for answering our prayers). As we reached the park we realized that both picnic tables were occupied. Yes, I said both. I couldn't/can't believe this park only has two picnic tables, but I digress. One table was occupied with just stuff, not people. So Dawn found the people who owned the stuff and asked them if we could use the table for the party. They graciously said yes and moved thier stuff.
So we set up. Doesnt' it look great:
Quite a few people came, including some of Dawn and Matt's neighbors. It was nice to see and meet the people Dawn and Matt have become friends with in California. (For those friends who might read my blog, thank you for loving Dawn and Matt while they have been there).
Soon it was time for cake. The tradition of letting the 1 year old dive into the individual cake. It is always much anticipated. The excitement builds and Judah....well he wasn't to much into this idea. Dawn actually had to mash his hands into the cake. This was all that he did to his cake. Actually that is what Dawn helped him do. After she mashed his hands in the cake he didn't attempt to eat it or touch it again. You can click on it to get a better idea of what he didn't do. has been so long since I started this post, I have forgotten what else I was going to say. Suffice to say we had a great time!! I need to post more often don't I. Now on to the rest of life...I will try to get up some posts on what we did in April and May but next will be a post of yesterday at the pool with the Bruckman Grands :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kids say the darndest things :)

My sweet granddaughter Hailey...she makes me smile. There are a couple of people who blog the funny things their children say. I really enjoy reading those posts. Today I have a post of a funny thing Hailey said. I have some skin tags on my neck, quite a few actually. Hailey has often asked me about them. Saturday the children were here and once again Hailey noticed the skin tags, here is the conversation:

Hailey: What are those? (she is touching them)
Me: They are skin tags.
Hailey: They look like worms.

I'm smiling thinking about it. Autumn was standing there, I wonder if it was one of those "why does my child say things" momments. (I was not offended) I will say the skin tags are coming off though. I have thought about it for a long time, partly b/c Richard doesn't like them so much...neither do I for that matter, or the way they are removed. I just can't have "worms" growing out of my neck though!! :D