Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Couple of Things I Don't Want to Forget

This will be a short post but I want to post them so I don't forget them.

The morning of surgery Tim came to pray and read scripture with me before surgery. I honestly don't remember which scripture he read... I think it was Ps. 121 (just double checked with my hubby and it is Ps. 121) In the second verse it says "He will not let your foot be moved". Tim stopped and we all sort of giggled. Tim said he didn't think he had ever read that Psalm for a foot/ankle surgery :)

The other neat thing that happened involved my anesthesiologist. She and my nurse came in thinking Tim had already prayed, which he hadn't. Dr. Flaxman started talking about how they do a popliteal block. At a break in conversation Tim asked if he could pray. Dr. Flaxman apologized and said she thought we already had prayed and that yes, Tim could pray. I was thrilled when she laid her hands on my leg and prayed with us! After Tim prayed he and Richard had to leave the room so I could get my block done. As she was working I asked Dr. Flaxman if she was a believer. She said "No, actually I'm Jewish, but I believe in the power of prayer." My reaction was mixed. I felt a kindredship with this woman, knowing she believed in and prayed to the same God I believed in and prayed to but at the same time I felt a sadness knowing that she doesn't know Jesus, doesn't believe in the Messiah. Part of me wonders if she doesn't believe in Messiah, can she believe in the true God? I do know that at the time I was comforted by the fact that she believes in the power of prayer and being Jewish she believes in the God of the Old Testament... who is the God who doesn't change. How kind of God to bring me that comfort at that time.

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